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S is for Superstitious, M is for Meow

I'm becoming superstitious.  Every time I write something here that is in the least little bit prohetic (or just optimistic) I jinx myself. Such as, "I think we're getting better!" or "Things have been going well!"  Then all progress stops dramatically.  Just.  Because.  It's gotten so I'm afraid to post anything without throwing a black cat over my shoulder. Or throwing salt at a cat.  Or... something.  I'm not sure how all this superstition business got so violent.

But I'm going to risk the kitty because... Chance has been doing really well in school.  I mean, comparitively.  Compared to last year, and compared to the year before that.  Compared to a kid who doesn't have SPD/sensory issues.  He had some rough patches in the beginning, the first 2-3 weeks of school.  He was having massive tantrums, one's where he was throwing himself down on the pavement kicking and screaming.  Which he doesn't do at home (so, you know, mortifying).  I was hoping the tantrums were all about the new transitions, and were not setting up a pattern for the year (because that would be like repeating 3 all over again).  I know it has to be rough on him.  A lot of activity, a lot of kids, a lot to process.  Luckily, it was about the new transitions.  Now that he's settled in there's been quite a lot of reasonable (for 5) behavior!  I've been really proud of him.  He still wiggles and touches everyone way too much.  He is still easily distracted.  He has a tendency to shout out without raising his hand.  I think that's the one that drives the teacher batty. (Frankly, I'm amazed how ordered she keeps that class of 30 kids.  It is fricking impressive.)  Basically, most of his issues now (knock on wood, chuck a cat) seem to be impulse control ones stemming from sensory overload.  Even the sensory overload seems to be getting better.  (His focus... not so much.)  Most of the teachers/aides who encounter him and don't know about the SPD just assume he's ADHD and treat him accordingly.  And for now, I'm fine with that.

I'm interested to see how academic assessments turn out, though.  At home, I see him reading and doing math beyond the kindergarten curriculum.  I strongly suspect he's not showing some of that interest and skill at school.  At home doing that stuff is fun, at school there are kids to play with.  Why would he read a book or ask about math when there are kids around?

But all in all, two months in things are going pretty OK.  Now without further ado I need to go find a rabbit to give an indian burn.  Or maybe I should try this the other direction:

Things are going wonderfully well with not winning the lottery!

              - wg


foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I'm glad he's settling into this year. To help assure this continues, I will supplement your efforts by now avoiding walking under any and all ladders and jumping over sidewalk cracks. If necessary, I will make the wonk eye at people, but that's probably only if they deserve it and may have little impact on Chance's school year.

Either way, hooray!

The Phoenix

Good to hear that he's adjusting well to school. Lots of stimulus in the classroom, so it does take time for some kids to become a little desensitized by it.

My daughter, whom we suspect has SPD as well, has done great her first year of school too. I wasn't sure how kindergarten would go, but the only thing I noticed was that she was exhausted for a couple weeks after school. She started in July (as our district goes year-round out here), so she's in the swing of things too.

Make any other steampunk items lately???

Stephanie May

Thank you for writing this blog. I'm new to this site. I'm glad things are going smoothly for you. My son did well in kindergarten. I will say that his teacher ran the class like the military would. This year, he has a new teacher who isn't experienced with SPD and we're still having issues. I recommend requesting quiet classes. Some teachers are better at classroom management than others.

Anything that is out of the ordinary throws my son for a loop. Today, we went on a field trip to an Art Gallery to study the Day of the Dead. The theme was quite disturbing to him. Then, the kids made masks in the art studio. It was too loud and he was already upset about all the skeletons. He and I left the studio and waited for everyone else outside.

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