Monday Monday, so vague to me

I am having difficulty organizing my brain.  This seems to occur monthly, with blood loss.  (Who knew endometrial lining contained so many brain cells?)  Today's dump will include some synopsis or other of events that have actually occurred in real life.  (Because even though I have this life blog I kind of don't feel like it's always representative of my life.)  In a nutshell, recently it has been raining, Chance was sick, then better, ditto Keen, we made a trip to Yosemite, got completely rained/snowed out, came home early, Keen took Chance to the aquarium, it was still raining, I went to the first of the Kindergarten Information Nights (ack!), total downpour, parked in the wrong lot, sat wet in cold auditorium, did a bunch of errands as a family, still raining, and Chance is sick again. So the lesson here is... attempts to have a life = bored, sick, rainy day child.  Who, by the way, only wants to talk to me when I'm on the phone or the computer.

Attention: that will be a new rule in our house, if Mommy is on the phone/computer, don't talk to her!  I don't bug you guys when you're zombieing out on Wii, do I?  No.  I throw you chips so you won't eat my brain.

Oh, and Keen has lost over 30 pounds!!  OMG, seriously.  More on that later.

So we've had this Giant Book of 1000+ Sudoku for well over a year. It starts off at Easy puzzles and goes through to Extreme and it sits in the bathroom and every time I have to tinkle (or just hide somewhere) I work on a puzzle.  Since I've had a child and my bladder also only wants to talk to me when I'm on the phone or the computer you can imagine this is quite often.  In fact I'm putting it on my resume.  That should guarantee I won't get hired anywhere, ever.  Anywho, I am pretty much through all the puzzles except for the Extreme's (and a few random Easy's that Keen and I save for when we want to feel like we're doing something but don't really want to think about it (completely bathroom redundant but whatever)).  Well, some of these Extremes are fairly - I'm not gonna say extreme because really? NOT an X game - but they are hard.  And I tend to stare at them with furrowed brow to greater or lesser results and on a few of them I had to give up and move on to a new one.  And then it BOTHERS me!  Not that I didn't solve the puzzle but that it was left incomplete!  I can hear those squares buzzing their annoying empty sound.  (Also, guessing on a puzzle?  Seriously works the nerves.) 

So as I mentioned before I am having a couple of particularly bad brain days, but of course I can't quit the Sudoku.  Well, it finally occurred to me... after a year... that there are ANSWERS in the back of the book!  If I'm really stuck I can sneak a peek, stick in that random number, and continue. 


Obviously the cheating is less worrisome than the empty brain buzzing.

Which, now that I think about it kind of reminds me of rain.

                 - the weirdgirl


foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

This post, the bladder chatter, and the way crossword puzzles can totally frustrate the hell out of me, affirms my love for you.


Kids have phone radar. You could hide in the farthest corner of your house, in a locked closet and whisper, and they'd still know you're on the phone and come bother you. SCREAMING. Because they have radar.

And Sudoku. Yeah. It just exemplifies my failings, my absolute and total inability to use my brain right now. (granted, I'm 34 weeks pregnant so my brain has been melting inside my skull for months)

Darcy Ogle

LOL! Glad that you posted this to Facebook.

Lately, my kids have bathroom radar. If I'm on the pot, I'll often hear a thud and a scream.

Or my three-year-old will lay outside the door on the floor and talk to me. She tells me "you have hair in your nose, mom." Sigh! It sucks getting old!


Why do you consistently remind Chance with your actions that he's not the only reason you're alive? Why, oh why? He just comes around to remind you of what he knows is true when you're on the phone or computer.


Dude! Cheaters never win.

I've moved onto KenKen. It's like Sudoko with math.


I envy you for being able to do Sudoku at all! In fairness to me, I can do cryptograms easily--and they're probably just as difficult. But cryptograms are right-brain puzzles, while Sudoku is definitely left-brain. I did pick up a book of Sudoku puzzles for beginners, but I cannot even begin!

The Phoenix

Nothing wrong with sneaking a little peek every now and then.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

OMG - totally laughing here! Guess what sits right next to me in my bathroom? A giant book of CrossSums! Similar to Sudoku, I started doing them a looong time ago when I used to get Logic Puzzle books. I am a complete dork! And I have, forever, wondered why I couldn't, somehow, make a living doing these puzzles. I hate when I can't finish one, also. And my kids always know where to find me if I am missing b/c I take super long potty breaks while I am just doing a puzzle.

too funny! i bought a book with extreme only puzzles and i feel the same way. some i get thru and others...all i hear are crickets! i have missed reading you and will attempt to get back to 2010 blogging!!!

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