Alternative is another name for options



Your nose is fine--you're very attractive! And the glasses make you look hot! I love glasses on women, it gives them an intellectual/professional appearance. And intellectual/professional women really turn me on!

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I have a similar pair on right now! Girls in Nerdy Glasses Gang! WOOT!


I've always wanted to wear glasses.

I think you look great!

the weirdgirl

I think there is a certain segment of the population that really digs glasses, and I'm definitely one of them! But if the number of times I'm asked, "Are you EVER going to get contacts?" is any indication we spec-lovers are the minority.

And no, I will not be getting contacts. :)

The Phoenix know you're a hottie.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Will you go eyeglass shopping with me in NYC this summer? Please.

the weirdgirl

Phoenix - aw shucks!

Lori - I would LOVE to go shopping with you in NYC! (You can't hear me, but I'm squealing right now!)


Those are nerdy glasses? You know you rock your accessories!

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