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My dryer smells like poo. That’s right, you heard me. I opened it to put in a new load (snick) and got a big whiff of burnt shit. Not that I’m some pervy secret burnt nugget sniffer, I’ve never actually breathed deep of the essence of burning poop per se, but I have smelled things that are burning and I know what shit smells like and, trust me, the combination is distinctive.

This is kinda chappin’ my hide.

Because either:

1) the universe is laughing its ass off by replacing poop filled pants with a poop smelling dryer; (just to fuck with me. Because the universe says it’s all fine but I know it’s still mad about that ham delivery incident when we were roommates in college. Hello, I didn’t know it would be a live pig! Get OVER it!) (By the way, the universe snores. And steals pop tarts.)

2) we need a new dryer (which I just hadn’t planned on purchasing for Christmas); or

3) the dryer has gained sentience and is eating my clothes (because feces = food intake), and it will probably soon start slouching around the house, being all sullen and mouthy, farting up the place, refusing to use enough deodorant, and using all my minutes texting its no good appliance friends.

But whatever!

So. Back to the important question… are the clothes going to smell like shit, too?

I mean, it’s OK right now because it’s not my clothes in there. It’s the kid’s clothes. And you know, toddlers, they all smell a little stinky eventually. It’s not like anyone is going to notice the fart-smelling one in a cloud of preschool kids. Anyway, that’s why they look so cute… to make up for the shitty smells. (I’ll refrain from making a good pain/motrin joke here.)

But I WILL have to do laundry soon.

Help!               - wg

Update: My dryer no longer smells like poop!  After taking some of the fine advice left here (thank you!) and running a few loads of hot water/bleach/cold water, etc. the smell has dissipated.  I think my lovely commenters were right and there might have been some ancient nuggets stuck in the washer.  My other theory, because our dryer vents to our basement - the unfinished basement that probably has animals passing through - is that a stray cat or possum took a massive dump near the venting and that's what I was smelling.  I don't care either way because somehow the metaphorical match got burnt!  Just in time for me to wash some jeans.

I know you all were dying to hear what happened.  heh



It is the shitty pants, I'm afraid. Try running through an empty load of hot water and bleach, then another empty load of cold water to rinse.

I know, it wastes a bit of water. But if it is just elderly poo-nuggets hiding in the washer (and I'd bet money that it is) this will fix the problem and you can buy yourself something pretty for xmas.


If my dryer smelled like poo, I would take all my rags (I have a ton of old towels and t-shirts that are now rags, and will be until they fall apart and/or get so nasty I can't stand to wash them and reuse them again), wash them, and then put them in the dryer on low with about eleven sheets of fabric softener. Then I would wash them again and repeat until the smell went away.

I would also probably take one of those snakey things and try to clean out as much of the lint as possible that's inside the machine (not on the lint screen yet). Maybe the poop is in the lint, and that's why it stinks, and it'll go away over time/with repeated use/with cleaning.

If that didn't work, I would get a bucket, a sponge, and a dilute bleach solution and clean everything I could possibly reach inside the machine. I might even be tempted to start taking it apart. True, I could break it, but I could get it cleaned, too, and avoid having to buy a new one - and if I break it, well, I needed a new non-stinky one anyway, right?

But I think washing and drying the rags over and over and over is the solution you seek. Try it. Worst case - you waste a lot of water and energy. Best case - you save the cost of a new dryer.

Good luck!

the weirdgirl

Hannah and Amy - Thank you both! That was very helpful. I am trying to clean out the washer now. I think it's working.

I'm just really tired of cleaning up poop. :)

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Dear Lord...

Seriously. I know this. Only it's my washing machine and seriously, I am tired of washing my youngest's underwear in a poop stew. Actually, first, I'm tired of saying "Oh, Jesus...I'm going to die..." everytime I go through his clothes hamper. How the bouquet has missed my dryer, I have no clue. Maybe someone is doing me a solid. A solid poop, at any rate.

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