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My brain is mush today.  Granted, Chance woke us up a couple times last night because he was running a fever and kept waking up thirsty.  But get this, I was also running a fever... did not feel sick at all!  I'm not sure Chance felt all that sick either because I asked him if anything hurt or if he was tired or, you know, nag nag nag with the usual mom questions and his response was, "I feel OK".  He just wasn't eating much and was thirsty a lot.  His temperature, at one point, was almost 103!  Mine was only 100, but for me that's a fever.  It's just, you know, if your skin feels hot and the thermometer is showing that you have a fever you'd assume that you'd be feeling symptoms of some kind or another, right?  We had even run around doing errands and going to OT before I even noticed we were both hot.  It was probably one of the stranger pseudo illnesses to hit this household.  (I blame the government.)

Anyway, I think my brain is mushy more to losing sleep than damage from weird, experimental diseases being let loose into the environment, or maybe it's the time of year, but I could use some help nudging the old brain pan awake.  So I am soliciting YOU, yes YOU, loyal readers to maybe throw out a few words and/or phrases and we'll do another little round of improv posting. 

Thank you in advance for anyone who helps!           - the weirdgirl

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foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

You just posted this, so I'll have to think on it some more, but have you given any consideration to the fact that this could be some kind of payback for the Bigfoot debacle you and Chance attended recently?


Z-Dub gets the random high fevers without any symptoms too. It shows up just as quick as it disappears. Weird.


Once again your post titles are awesome.

Here is a title ripped from todays headlines.

Vaginal Rejuvination

katie ~ motherbumper

Always blame the government, always.


I rediscovered the word post-haste yesterday and tried to use it much as possible. It was strange, just popped in my head. I think you should that word!!! Say it out loud for me....post-haste. Feels good.

the weirdgirl

FADKOG - Oh great, more to keep me up at night! Do you think it was the media who poisoned by because I was an imposter, or the Bigfoot guys for seeing through their ploy?

VegasDad - I could see a kid getting those, but that was the first time I had ever gotten a mystery fever! Usually, once I'm sick, I'm sick.

Evyl - Thank you for the title compliment! You'd think I'd get more dirty web searches but ALL I get is the obvious "weird girls", and "weird girls gone wild", and "weirdo fancypants and the clit goddess." (OK, I made that last one up.) And thank you for the phrase, "vaginal rejuvenation," (a subject much discussed at Bunko, btw). I'll get right on that!

Katie - YES! They're behind everything. (I may take that as another jumping off point.)

Summer - "Post-haste!" Yes, that IS a good one. Such as...

We must investigate the government's vaginal rejuvenation program post-haste! Hmmm, the perfect cover for implanting tracking devices.

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