Back from the Dead…
Foo-foo Improv


I know there’s this new movement to make traditional children’s songs more PC.  However, I swear this is what Chance has been singing lately. (Loudly, I might add.)

“Little bunny FOO-FOO! 

HOPping through the FORest!

… scooping up the winos,

[mumble] booty [mumble].”

I don’t know the words to the song, per se, but I’m pretty sure there is a disgruntled teacher at preschool who needs a raise.      

Hey, I got an idea! I’m in the mood for a little random word improv.  Someone throw out some random words and I’ll try to come up with children song lyrics as interesting as my son’s.  Or if you have any entertainingly creative lyrics, from your kids’ or your own, drop me a line and I’ll add it here. 

       - wg



Random words: facial, expunge, duodenum, Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus, splendiferous.

Good luck!!!


Now I have that other famous song "She's Got a Chicken to Ride" in my head.

I'm actually glad I can't remember the song that my grandma said wasn't about a tigger.

A song about Schwinn, slackers, and snakes would be splendid!


The favorite word my boys have been using is "butt munch." Nice. I know. I also don't know if it should be one word or two.

Little Bunny Foo Foo (and it's companion piece, "Peanut, peanut butter...jelly") is now stuck in my head and reminds me of those giddy Camp Fire Girl days.


Can't think of any children's songs right now other than Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which our two-year-old has been singing amazingly with the correct words. But perhaps Tinkle, Tinkle in a Jar? Or perhaps Tinkle, Tinkle on the Neighbors Car?


Here's one my dad taught me when I was a kid, and that you'll never hear sung on "Barney & Friends":

I am a villain, a dirty rotten villain,
I leave a trail of blood wherever I go, I go
I take delight, in stirring up a fight
I beat babies on the head until they're dead

I have gotten, a rap for being rotten
I put poison on my grandma's shredded wheat
I eat
raw meat

I fell from a window
a second story window
and caught my eyelash on a sill
a sill

Go get an axe
there's a fly on baby's mustache

A boy's best friend is his mother
your a liar
your another
my father shot a horse

Yay, father!

the weirdgirl

Evyl - I think you just wrote your own version of supercalifragiliciousexpiallodocious. (Spelling not authenticated.) Let me see what I can do.

Jade - would that be the famous Beatles version of the song? And thanks for the words!

Foradifferentkindofgirl - Ah, butt munch! Truly a classic. (And so useful in terms of "Evyl, you are a butt munch".) We used to sing a peanut butter song at day camp, but we always changed it to marijuana. Yes, we were a creative lot - given that it was the 70s.

Jason - Tinkle on the Neighbor's Car?! What's going on in your neighborhood? That's awesome!

Muddleman - My mom used to sing one about giving babies away but yours is better! I SO want to hear the tune to this now.


One of my favorite stories to tell about Chloe happened about six or so months ago. We were in the car singing kids songs, you know, row row row your boat, twinkle twinkle little bat etc, when she pops up and says mommy! I wanna sing my own song!
Ok..what you wanna sing?
What's Wrong With Your Ass
was her response. I really would like to have heard the lyrics but ya know....


Little Bunny Foo Foo seriously gave me nightmares. How can you sing to a 3 yr old with an over active imagination a song that describes a vicious bunny scooping up field mice and beating them to death. OH THE HORRRRROOORRRRRR!!!

the weirdgirl

Summer - Damn, I wish you HAD heard What's Wrong With Your Ass so you could share. (I mean, I know what's wrong with MY ass but if I put that in a children's song it would just be depressing. "Jiggle, wiggle little butt...")

Bill - Oh, that's right!! I could not remember the words but you just brought them back! Who IS teaching that song to my kid?


My 4 year old still sings (she has been since she was 2) what sounds like, "Up the butt the world so high" during Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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