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Even though I had meant to do a fun, commenter-inspired post every day sequentially since I asked for your suggestions and I was all excited about my plan and what I was gonna write, plus I was gonna add some cool Halloween stuff (‘cause it is October), instead

I got hit with a couple of big projects for work – one of which kept me up until WAY too late in the middle of the night last night. So, big apologies all around, I’m going with another of the shorter segments tonight. (No worries, my brain should regroup by tomorrow.)

This is kid’s say the darnedest things, inspired by Andrea.

Well, actually, my son isn’t talking clearly enough yet for us to make out all the apparently hilarious/outrageous/interesting discourse he’s engaging in… but I do have this (translated exactly):


    thac you from leten us to cum to your houes

Is it a note from aliens? A foreign blackmailer? A future porn star?!

Nope. It’s a note from my goddaughter, age 6. And I’m almost certain she isn’t an alien.   

(Well, it made me laugh. It’s the English major in me.) - wg 



Man, we're living parallel lives, although I haven't had the gumption to beg for ideas yet. I might steal some of yours. ;)

BTW, that note looks like it's part of those LOLcats sites...


That is major league awesome considering her age! I especially love the spelling of "leten". I remember when I was that age, I thought that the words "of course" were a single word "acors". It took me a while to get that one right. ha!


Well, it may be the english major in you that makes you laugh, but it's the 12 year old in me that made me giggle


When I read her note, I can't help but think of Sly & The Family Stone.


That is good. She is destined for erotic novel greatness.

The Phoenix

I hope they saved that note - it'll be golden for when she gets older.

the weirdgirl

I DID keep the note! I think I'll tuck it away until she's a teenager.

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