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Summer Smackdown 2007

There has been one of those blogging bru-ha-ha’s over at MetroDad’s place. You know, one of those topics that start off innocent enough and then people start yelling at each other via comments? Next thing you know bloggers will be passionately discussing matters on their own blogs, using the debate as fodder for posts (like me!), calling each other out, starting feuds, the whole shebang (and usually not what the original author intended). Personally, I’ve been enjoying it. This summer has been a little boring… posting has been slow, bloggers have had extended absences… not just me, I mean a lot of folks around the web.

This particular debate has been over ads on blogs - the merits, the reasons, the morality, writing for yourself vs. writing for ads, selling out vs. providing for your family, whatever way you can take offense. But the subject isn’t important... what’s important is that the debate has the potential to revitalize the web! This debate has been mild compared to last year’s “false advertising and weight” issue or the “mommy war” debates but we can change that. I say, let’s work this into a frenzy, people! Let’s give everyone something to blog about. If we work hard I bet we can flame this high enough to spill over to Blogher and then we can all post about the “advert wars” that infiltrated the conference. Rockin’!

In fact, I think we should make every summer the time to start incendiary debates. It’s the perfect lift from the summer blogging blahs.  I know it has been for me. I admit, I’ve been hiding out… between Chance starting preschool, me going back into the office (supposedly – that’s a whole other “flaky boss” post), and trying to ramp up for the trip to Blogher, I’ve been a ball of nerves.  Plus, we all still have the sniffles. BUT MD’s smackdown has got me cheerful again! We should definitely start this as an annual event. Maybe we can even schedule power matches between bloggers for YouTube videos… that would spice things up a bit.

And if this debate runs dry, here’s a few more….

Clogs for toddlers… slutty instruments of consumerism or too cute for words?
Breasts’ priority in today’s society… big bags of milk or funny playthings? (Feminists need not reply).
Having a blog in any shape or form… justify!

Now excuse me, I’m off to research blog ads… I heard you can actually make money from them!

- the weirdgirl

Addendum - So a little bird (Keen) told me that this post comes off as very sarcastic, as if I think the whole debate is stupid.  I don't.  Just for the record, I am actually enjoying the debate and I honestly  do get a kick when people get all passionate about a subject.  And I really do think we should do this every summer.  It's very stimulating.  I am not making fun of debates like these.  (OK, maybe I'm making fun a little, but only when they get really out of control or the subject matter gets downright silly.  Like Walmart.  Walmart seems to be a hot button for rancor among blogs.  Really, I just can't get passionate over a place that sells flip-flops, I'm sorry.)  Since I have had few comments today (but a lot of hits), I must concur that visitors think I'm just being a smartass.  So... in an effort to contribute to the debate... what do you all think about ads on blogs? 


mom 101

Just wanted to say I loved your comment on there! That is indeed the debate of the summer. Can't wait to exploit it at blogher on my panel on having ads on your blogs (heh heh).


I can't help thinking that it must be fucking nice to be financially stable enough to not worry about spending so much time on a project with no monetary return. I've had to think about ads, because I'm bloody poor. So I threw up a subtle AdSense space, and I made a post aknowledging that yeh, there are ads. I'm broke, so sue me.

I don't have any plans to make bank on my mama blog, but my self-improvement blog I'd love to actually market. I loved the comment over there that a blog isn't a diary, it's self-publishing.

All that said, there's a nineteen year old me in duct-taped combat boots and thrift store plaid curled up in a fetal ball banging her fists against my brain for defending capitalizing on self-expression. (But that 19 year old grew up and has a tiny hungry poop demon depending on her now.)


... and yes I can spell 'acknowledge;' I'm just exhausteed and will now be going to bed.


It is indeed the smackdown of the summer. Clogs for kids though, that was a close second :)


You crack me up, girl. I'd been ignoring this until you said something about it. I think everyone's just bored.

why can't people argue about REAL issues, like the universal health care or the existence of zombies.


I used to have them. I took them down. I don't really pay attention to them at this point.

the weirdgirl

You know, zombies really do keep me up at night. (I'm pretty sure some of my in-laws are infected.)

Her Bad Mother

I. personally, am against clogs for children and believe it to be a form of child abuse. As is hummus.

Thanks you for your attention to these crtiically important issues.

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