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Swimwear Must Die! 2

Swimwear Must Die!

It’s that time of year again… time to shop for swimsuits! (grumble grumble growl) And ALSO time for a roundup of the best of the worst in designer swimwear! You may have remembered last year’s commentary. This year I found such a variety of “interesting” swimsuits I think I may need to break this into a two-parter.

Meet the twins. (I think they have to keep their arms up like that to keep the suit on.)


Dude! I mean, lady! …um, are those balls in your pants…or…?


For that extra fancy event. (I’m not sure hooking her fingers through the waistband really projects the casual image she’s going for. Maybe she should try a wardrobe malfunction.)



And finally…



This year’s version of the vagina suit, Rorschach edition. (Oh yeah, that’s the one I’m gonna buy. Right after I meet with my counselor.)

I swear, the antithesis of shopping therapy is shopping for swimsuits. At least there is much fodder for laughter (even if it’s a little pained). Is it just me or are most of these suits big arrows pointing to your crotch?

Sadly, (so sadly) more to come.  - wg


David Amulet

Is it wrong that I like them all?

Actually, those first two are quite ugly. And I wouldn't be caught wearing any of them.

It's a lot easier to shop for swimsuits when you are a man.

-- david


Does the third model (the white suit) have something up her butt? Why's she sitting like that?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I feel dirty.


I'm so happy this is going to be an annual feature!

the weirdgirl

David - Yes it IS! And I'm bitterly jealous at how easy it is for you guys.

Katie - There's just something wrong with the positioning of that shot all the way around.

Sarah & Betsy - me too!

a happier girl

What I can never figure out is who buys these suits. And for that matter, where do they wear them? Because that's not anything I've ever seen on an actual female at a pool or beach.

Her Bad Mother

Vagina suit. Yeeaaaaah....

The Phoenix

This is your best post EVER!


Which one of these pictures is you?


By the way, I'm TOTALLY printing this post and hanging it in my locker.

the weirdgirl

A happier girl - Yeah, I never see anyone wear these either. I can't even figure out where you BUY these! (Maybe it's only the Internet... just like porn.)

HBM & Phoenix, you two are funny.

CroutonBoy - Ha ha HA HA!

Bill Beck

You keep doing posts like these and I'm going to make you my home page!!

Scott M.

More underweight women--this society is sick!

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