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Swimwear Must Die! 2

Swimwear Must Die!

It’s that time of year again… time to shop for swimsuits! (grumble grumble growl) And ALSO time for a roundup of the best of the worst in designer swimwear! You may have remembered last year’s commentary. This year I found such a variety of “interesting” swimsuits I think I may need to break this into a two-parter.

Meet the twins. (I think they have to keep their arms up like that to keep the suit on.)


Dude! I mean, lady! …um, are those balls in your pants…or…?


For that extra fancy event. (I’m not sure hooking her fingers through the waistband really projects the casual image she’s going for. Maybe she should try a wardrobe malfunction.)



And finally…



This year’s version of the vagina suit, Rorschach edition. (Oh yeah, that’s the one I’m gonna buy. Right after I meet with my counselor.)

I swear, the antithesis of shopping therapy is shopping for swimsuits. At least there is much fodder for laughter (even if it’s a little pained). Is it just me or are most of these suits big arrows pointing to your crotch?

Sadly, (so sadly) more to come.  - wg