Sooner or Later
Dominant Lactating Mommies Unite!

Contest... buying time... whatever

I realized my last post sounded a bit mafia-esque.  Erm… sorry about that… we’re not mafia… really.  Family matters just make me a little emotional.  And I’m the “level-headed” one!  (Yes, I’m laughing at the absurdity, too.)

I think my computer is back together.  I don’t have email (which, ironically, is the only portion of this whole fiasco that almost made me cry) but I think I’ll get it soon.  (Though I did lose some of the last week’s emails, so if anyone emailed me I apologize for not answering.)  I need to load up a few more programs and drives, but otherwise I haven’t had any crashes.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.   

I’ve spent so many hours futzing with this thing I’m fried.  I haven’t been able to think of anything to post besides bitching about my computer, and I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that you’re all as sick of hearing about it as I am.  So I have an idea…

Send me questions, topics, or even random word combinations (for example, “porcupine blazer”) and I’ll write a post (or more) about your suggestion(s).  I may even give out a prize for the most creative suggestion!  (If I can find something suitable.  And if I get any suggestions.  Please don’t make me fake an entry.)    

Sounds good?  Cool!  This will help me get back into the swing of things. A good writing exercise always gets my juices flowing (and no, that’s not a reference to my twat problems).  In the meantime, I’m off to catch up on other people’s blogs.

Missed ya, folks!            - the weirdgirl

P.S. Someone hit my site from the search term “dominant lactating mommies”!  Snort! Guffaw!  Oh, I might have put that in the queue for a post.


CroutonBoy terrifying. I should NOT have read your last couple posts. That's going to be me in a few days...god help me and my family.

I just erased two funny ideas to write about, because this is a classy site and I sometimes go places I shouldn't in my mind. Instead, try integrating these three search phrases from my site into a story/post:

michael jacksons sidewalk instruction
lap dance puke
Sam Champion


word combinations.... uhmmmm... let's see:

bardolatry rampant
go-go boots angelic
engraved telekinesis


Bug Love in your Rug! LOL
Don't ask where it came from because I have no idea. LOL That could go many different ways! LOL

Living for Ice Cream
I mean hey after the week you've had, dontcha you want to just live for ice cream?

the weirdgirl

These are great! The gears in my head are groaning and squeaking away! Look for some "creative" posts coming up.

(Really? You think this site is "classy"?)

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