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Organizing for help

I don't usually do this but we could sure use the help. Our local elementary school burned down this summer. It was a purposeful act of arson that took out a major building.  They managed to save the rest of the school but there wasn't one cent in the school districts'  funds to cover the insurance deductible. Nothing, no emergency funds, no surplus, that's how tight our school system budget is out here.  Our community raised $100K to cover that deductible.  When someone heard about the Kohl's Cares program they signed up our school.

Kohl's is giving away $500,000 each to the top 20 schools.  For a while we were hovering at 21st place but we've gotten knocked way down.  It looks like almost every school in the top 20 is a religious school and kudos to them for their organizing power. I really wish we had that kind of community behind us but we're just one neighborhood (and contrary to popular myths not everyone in California is rich).

If you'd like to help you can vote for us through Facebook through the end of this week.  If you'd like to spread the word please do!  I'm not quite giving up hope yet. Sometimes you get miracles.




I think you might have to tell us what school to vote for...


Just voted. Your school is at #32. Sent out a tweet about it, too.

the weirdgirl

Pixiemama - If you click on the Vote Now part of the banner it should take you straight to our school. I saw a license plate the other day that said "PXY PWR" and totally thought of you! Wish you were closer.

Chag - Thanks! I was going to write about this yesterday but I didn't want to detract from the JM vote. (With my, you know, millions of readers.)

Kevin (Always Home and Uncool)

Voted and RT'd Chag. Thanks for supporting Cure JM -- hope we have a little magic to share with you.


Voted, tweeted, and shared on FB. Any friend of Kevin's is a friend I want to help.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Consider my voting power yours, friend.


Hey! I'm writing a blog about this, too, and I want your button. Can you share the code?

Lori at Spinning Yellow

I voted then went to vote under my real name facebook account, too, but the link isn't working. I'll try again later. Hope your school makes the cut!

the weirdgirl

Kevin & Cheryl - thank you both! I'm so glad Cure JM won!

FADKOG - You're awesome (as always)!

Jeanne - I emailed it to you, my dear.

Lori - Thanks!

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