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It looks like that they found my Uncle Bob. Hell yeah, he owes me ten bucks.


They were SURPRISED that it garnered more than local attention? wtf? Do you know I read books in french on Big Foot when I was a kid - that's how desperate I was for information... seriously, they didn't think folks would be interested? Something stinks here and I don't think it's the newly documented primate.


Dude, you are my new idol! Great post!

manager mom

Hm. this post might make me love you 4 evah.


I love that you're teaching your kids to lie and deceit to get what you want.


(And totally jealous you got to be there to see obscure, vague, kinda proof of Big Foot)

foradifferentkindofgirl (FADKOG)

This post is flippin' awesome! Seriously! And I second motherbumper's WTH. It's f'n Bigfoot!! I'm pretty sure they could CSI that beast the day they hauled that super fake bag o' fur in. Somebody always knows somebody else, and you know those two Bigfoot hunters were burning up their cell phones, calling their friends, telling them what they were hauling in the bed of truck. Sure as hell one of those friends knows someone who knows someone who could do a slice on that thing.

Sadly, however, this does nothing to alleviate my fears of a Sasquatch. It was pretty damn brave of me to come here at 1:20 a.m. (while sitting by my OPEN WINDOWS!!)!

Stay on the story, Scoop!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

I opened my Yahoo news this morning and saw "Bigfoot fails DNA test". You are so on top of things! Quick thinking on getting past security, too. Am impressed.

B.E. Earl

Nothing short of brilliant. How you got in, what you saw, what you wrote.


Disturbed Stranger

Amazing... very bold of you!
I used to love bigfoot as a kid ;)

the weirdgirl

Evyl - I think you should track down the Bigfoot hunters and make 'em pay up!

motherbumper - Yeah, and who only takes TWO pictures of a "breakthrough" find? Come on!

Chag - You know, just like you, I would totally be a monster hunter if I could. That would be sweet! (But no ghost hunting. I've run into ghosts before. You don't go looking for ghosts.)

manager mom - Awww! Who knew scamming would bring so much love?

Matthew - Yes, but don't worry I'm teaching discriminating judgement too. Only lies and deceit for SPECIAL circumstances! Like Bigfoot. And maybe the Chupacabra.

FADKOG - Don't be afraid of Bigfoot! I figure he's just the most reclusive and shy of the primates. Think J.D. Salinger with fur.

Lori - Thanks! For my next story me and the kid are flying to Scotland. (I'm going to use him as Nessie bait.)

B.E. Earl - Why thank you! It all came together in a happy accident.

Disturbed Stranger - Bigfoot is a kid's dream! Personally, I think anybody who says they didn't like Bigfoot is just deep in denial.


You are so incredibly awesome! I can't believe you did this, and with a toddler in tow.

I love that the stroller glows. :-)


You? Are my hero. :)

Paul Karlsgodt

Great story, Weirdgirl! I'm still holding out hope. The first picture looks more like an Ewok than a Sasquatch, but maybe it's just because of the obscured view. Such bad luck that there's always something obscuring the view.


I think you might be my hero.

amy z

I freakin love bigfoot too! I hope he is real and I hope one of them lives in the woods behind my house!


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