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Gads I can relate. It took hubs and I 3 years to find a house.

Three years!

I thought I was going to go mental in that 2 bedroom apartment with two toddlers in the meantime.

Mental I tell you.

And I don't know about the States, but houses in France are a freaking disaster.

Bill Beck

They should combine all the house and do an ad campaign on what people are not looking for in a home. Can you imagine a pee smelling, termite ridden, shag covered house with tile on the ceilings?

Oh and thanks for 2 plugs in a week!!!


Your list is hilarious! Maybe not hilarious to you, but from someone on the outside looking in, it's very funny. Thanks for sharing!


Our local DJ "No Name" will be on House Dective soon. I hear he's going into local homes and fixing some problems. Sounds like he needs to find these homes to really make a difference.

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