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wow, there is so much to say about this I don't know where to begin. I nearly choked when you started freaking out about where your coping saw was.

Wood is going to be so pissed that you told me that there is a big lots in the bay area.


And of course it goes with your decor, ya sick gadget girl!

It looks like your box is big enough that it shouldn't get too hot with what you have, but if it does, maybe you could get a fan in there. If you don't have a little one you can put in there, I might be able to sample a computer fan if you can figure how to wire it. Another challenge...


I love you, you're crafty and resourceful like me. And Tend skin works on Zits? (found on MIM's blog) I bought it to prevent ingrown hairs in the nether regions but I'll be trying it as a zit remover soon! Suweet!


ooooooh. that's crafty. :)


weirdgirl, weirdgirl, weirdgirl.

You should have just asked me.


the weirdgirl

Thanks all. Just a follow up note... the heat factor is almost nonexistent! This solution is definitely working.


ohhh...ahhhhhh....very nice.


Kim C

That's so cool! What a great idea. And I love that box.


You are my new hero. Thank goodness for Big Lots.

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